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First “Nokia-Windows Phone 7” Device Won’t Arrive Before 2 Years

Now that the Nokia – Microsoft deal has finally happened, if you are excited to check out the a Nokia phone running Windows Phone 7 then you will have to wait for Two more years. According to a report published by eWeek, Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 devices won’t hit the market for another two years, and the company’s partnership with Microsoft carries some wide-ranging and systemic risks.

Nokia Microsoft Handshake

Here is what we think may happen if Nokia takes two long years to get Windows Phone 7 on their devices:

  • Third party Nokia app developers will be puzzled as to when to start developing on Windows Phone 7 platform.
  • These developers will also be confused on building a successful exit strategy from Symbian app development for high-end Nokia devices which are currently powered by Symbian.
  • Within two years Android and iOS will have scaled up to new heights and will have reached a large number of users.

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