Samsung DA-E750 Audio Deck SPecs, Pictures, India US Price

Samsung Launches DA-E750 Audio Dock

Samsung has finally launched the DA-E570 Audio Dock and has put a somewhat very high price tag on the same. The DA-E570 dock costs $800 (Approx Rs. 36,000 in Indian Currency). Although, it is priced on the higher side but our gut feeling says it will be worth all the money you spend on this sound machine as it has one of Samsung’s most advanced audio technologies.

Samsung DA-E750 Audio Dock SPecs, Pictures, India US Price
Samsung DA-E750 Audio Dock Specs, Pictures

Here are the specs and features of the Dock:

  • Powered by Samsung’s advanced hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology
  • Supports Galaxy S smartphones as well as iOS devices like iPad, iPod and iPhone
  • Audiophile-worthy listening experience
  • Digital amplifiers
  • Vacuum tubes that pump out richer and warmer sounds from your mobile devices
  • Supports Samsung AllShare and Apple AirPlay
  • Supports Bluetooth, analog input and a USB port

The deck should soon be available for sale at all your nearby retail stores.


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