Apple iPod connector - Wire broken

Apple Fails When It Comes To “Basic Durable Product Design”?

I am an Apple Fan boy! I love Apple products so much that the moment a new Apple thing comes in the market I manage to get it however expensive it may be. Not only me, it is a fact that people swear by Apple’s product finishing and design. However, I came across this post on Reddit which clearly showed something is wrong with the durability of the products that Apple designs.

Apple iPod connector - Wire broken
Apple iPod connector - Wire broken

In the image above, it can be seen that the wire has come out of the USB connector of an Apple iPod. Well, the thing is even I have faced these problems earlier but did not think much about these issues until I came across this picture. So what do you think does Apple lose it when it comes to durability of their products?

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11 comments on “Apple Fails When It Comes To “Basic Durable Product Design”?”

  1. have the same thing on my cable, bit of tape and wire wrapped around it solves it. also i heard apple store replace damaged by wear and tear cables for free.

  2. have the same thing on my cable, bit of tape and wire wrapped around it solves it. also i heard apple store replace damaged by wear and tear cables for free.

  3. I have a MBP and a Dell. What you are showing never happened to the mac, but I had to change my Dell charger twice because of problems with that same exact “wonder of modern frikkin’ technology”.

  4. Apple hand out those cables like candy at their stores.

    Seriously, just go in and be like “yo it broke” and they’ll be like “lol here”.

  5. #1 Don’t pull on the cord during removal and #2 this is basically apples key point, make it cheap and make it so it will fail.

    All you apple people will just buy another this or that. Suckers.

  6. Apple Look, Apple really stop Apple branding your miserable Apple Article. It’s Apple pointless and incredibly Apple irritating. And Apple no, I don’t give an Apple shit if you are an Apple Apple fanboy. MacFag.

  7. If anything they will be making more money. People will be buying another one when it breaks.

  8. Not just cables. 

    The fact that apple products are the most fragile it a built in apple feature. This feature is helps there bottom line. 

    I have disassembled many apple products. Most are built to be easily assembled. However They do not used any spray coating on any circuit boards and instead use stickers for increasing abrasion durability. These stickers are more expensive to apply than if they just sprayed the board like 100% of other electronics manufacturers. What this does is it makes the board susceptible to water even in the slightest amount. There solution put an incredibly sensitive piece of paper that changes red  if the slightest bit of humidity enters. That protects them from returns when the product stops working from moisture. 

    it is not just the bare circuit boards that were designed that way. would about the thin fragility of the glass. if you breath on the screen funny it breaks. They love the glass so much that they even put it on the back of the Iphone 4. Glass on the back case of the phone. WHO does this? 

    I personally have never owed any apple product never will. But all my friends buy them and bring them to me when they break. I have fixed lots of them. That is everything except the dozens of circuit boards that have components corroded to the point of nonexistent dust under the stickers that trap water against the components. 

    and for everyone of these, the apple fan boy just goes out and buys another one. They cannot live without there apple products.