Transformers: Alternity Starscream and Alternity Skywarp

After those two Transformer movies, I guess almost everyone would know about the Transformers; but not everyone knows that there is a animated series on Transformers and even fewer know that Transformers actually started out (and still is) as a toy line. (If you knew already, give yourself a pat on the back! ).

Anyway, there is a new Transformers toyline – the Alternity and there are already two new Transformers in the line – Alternity Starscream and Alternity Skywarp.

So without further ado, here are Alternity Starscream and Alternity Skywarp. (Alternity Starscream is the white one and Alternity Skywarp is the purple one.)

Free cookie if you can identify the car! (And before you ask, there is no Megan Fox toy in the line.)

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