Swappa Aims To Be The Ultimate Android Device Marketplace

The Android market is booming – new devices are being released everyday (well, not literally) and they are becoming more and more affordable. So, what do you do with your old device one you get a new one?


You can sell it, of course, if it is still in good condition. A new startup – Swappa – aims to cater specifically to this market.

Swappa, in their own words, is the ultimate marketplace for Android devices. It is a place where people can buy used Android devices and sell their old ones. It deals exclusively with Android devices and nothing else.

All of the devices listed on Swappa are fully funtional and have clean ESN/MSEIDs, i.e. they have not been reported stolen or lost. The devices can be listed and browsed for free – only a small fee is paid by the buyer at the time of purchase.

I think Swappa is a cool idea but it has its task cut out. Right now most people I know of simply sell their stuffs on Ebay. However with its only Android approach, buying an Android phone is much simpler in Swappa. This may attract buyers – which caould in turn attract sellers.

So, if you are looking to sell off an Android device or buy a new one, you might want to look at Swappa.

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