Now Showing : AVATAR in 4D [in Korea]

OK. Relax. Don’t strain your brain cells too much. Its not what you are trying to think and imagine. Korea’s leading multiplex chain CJ-CGV have these so-called ‘4D plexes’  in Korea. Here they screen ‘normal’ 3D movies. But unlike other ‘normal’ 3D movie theaters, here they immerse the viewer into the movie by providing experiences like moving seats, wind, lasers, water sprinkles and even smell. Phew! And yes, this is how they add the 4rth dimension to regular 3D movies.  

According to the company’s PR representative these 4D theaters of their’s, are the only ones in the world which offers a “five-sense experience” while watching a movie. For example, the ‘4D version’ of Avatar has  a total of 30 different “real-life” effects. But as you might expect and just like all other good things/experiences, this one doesn’t come cheap either. One 4D ticket is priced at $16 approx, which is more than twice the average movie ticket price in Korea. But theres just one drawback, you will have a real hard time trying to fall asleep in these theaters, especially with all those shaky seats and water sprinkles.

[Source : Variety]

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