Nokia Lumia Phablet Display Picture - Bezel

Nokia Working On 6-inch Lumia Phablet – First Image Leaks

With the world going gaga over big-screen devices such as the Galaxy Note and others, looks like Nokia is also getting its mojo back! Although there already were couple of rumours about Nokia planning to launch a phablet (phone + tablet) but till now there were no solid proofs for the same.

Well, the first image of the display panel which supposedly belongs to a 6-inch Nokia phablet has leaked online. As you can see below the Nokia Lumia Phablet has an extremely thin bezel (Black borders around the screen).

Nokia Lumia Phablet Display Picture - Bezel
Nokia Lumia Phablet Display Picture – Bezel

If this is believed to be true then Nokia would soon be a competition to similar devices from Samsung like the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Mega Series.

There is also an opening for a front camera on the display panel at the top and standard touch buttons at the bottom. With such huge a screen we can be somewhat sure that the device would have a 1080p display!



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