Microsoft Surface 2.0 – Pixels That Can See!

Microsoft has introduced the second iteration of Surface – and oh boy this is one huge improvement. Compared to the original Surface, which was huge and bulky, Surface 2.0 is only 4-inches thick.

So, how did they achieve the drastic reduction in the size? Well, it is because of a new technology called PixelSense. While the original Surface used cameras to track gestures, PixelSense enables the pixels on Surface 2.0 to actually detect things pressed on the screen like finger, hand etc. PixelSense even enables Surface 2.0 to recognize the text on a sheet of paper – awesome stuff indeed!!

Microsoft developed Surface 2.0 with Samsung and the device will be marketed as “Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft Surface”. It uses the super tough Gorilla Glass to protect the screen from scratches etc.

Like the original surface, it seems like this is not aimed at normal users. Microsoft noted that it will be available later this year at a cheaper price than the original Surface.

Here is a video demo of it courtesy of VentureBeat:

(Click here if you cannot see the embedded video.)

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