Microsoft Mclaren Smartphone pictures

Microsoft McLaren Smartphone With 3D Touch & Gesture Coming Soon

Microsoft is working on a new smartphone which goes by the name of McLaren and is expected to launch very soon. We feel that the name might be a codename as of now as it is not in line with Microsoft’s Lumia naming convention of mobile devices. Microsoft has been going very aggressive lately when it comes to cloud computing and mobile devices. We recently told you about a Microsoft Smartwatch in the works and then before that Microsoft started its Macbook Air trade-in program to offer Surface Pro for just US $279!

Microsoft is incorporating this new technology called 3D Touch / Gesture on McLaren and will probably use it as a differentiating factor when it launches the phone in the market. Using this technology you can control your smartphone without even touching the screen but just but hovering your fingers over the screen. We have this detailed resource about how 3D Touch & Gesture works. Nonetheless Microsoft McLaren is going to be a high-end device just like the McLaren Spider racing car shown above.

Microsoft McLaren Specs and Features

Has a 5.2-inch Quad-HD screen with a 1080p display resolution. There is a possibility of another version of this device which will have a 2560×1440 pixels display resolution.

20MP primary camera. There is no word about the front camera as of now but we expect it to be atleast 5MP. Lumia phones always have had a good stand when it comes to camera phones.

64GB internal storage

Microsoft McLaren is expected to launch in the market by mid-October 2014. The price would be on the higher end, consider anything above US $650 for the very least.

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