Logitech launches Ultimate Ears 18 Pro

Logitech picked NAMM [National Association of Music Merchants], 2010, to launch its best in-ear headphone – Ultimate Ears 18 Pro. The UE 18 Pro, featues 6 speakers in each earbud compared to 3 or 4 that other, in this category, usually has. It also has a highly durable and low distortion cable. This is by far one of the best in-ear headphones to date and is mainly aimed at professionals and hard-core music enthusiasts.

If you want to get yourself a UE 18 Pro, you need to shell out $1350. But that not all, you also need to get a qualified audiologist to create ear impressions of each of your ear and send it to them, so that they can handcraft your UE 18 Pro to make it a perfect fit in your ears.

[Link: Ultimate Ears 18 Pro]

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