Google Nexus S Processor Overclocked To 1.2GHz

Though Google’s Nexus S is powered by a single core Hummingbird processor, it looks like the one core would be enough to put LG’s dual-core processor powered Optimus to shame. An XDA Forums user morfic has overclocked the processor on Nexus S up to 1.2GHz in a new kernel based on the Bionix NS1 mod.

Google Nexus S by Samsung
Google Nexus S by Samsung

Using this Mod on your Google Nexus S mode is easy. All you need to do is flash from recovery, reboot and you are all done. Although the firmware is not complete yet as the status says that the firmware does not support bluetooth yet. So, you may like to wait for sometime before bluetooth support is added too. You must keep in mind that overclocking the processor puts your device at risk and you should install the mod at your own risk.

To find out more about this mod, check out the discussion thread.

via Androidcommunity, image courtesy XDA Forums

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