Alienware debuts 11-inch portable gaming laptop, M11X [CES 2010]

Alienware previewed its latest baby – M11X, a sub 12-inch monster laptop that will surely change the way you look at netbooks. M11X has all the external features of its bigger brothers like backlit keyboard, thermal grates, body design etc. And it does not lack behind them when it comes whats inside. With a Core2Duo CPU coupled with a Nvidia 335M GPU having dedicated 1GB DDR3 RAM under its hood, it manages to churn out frames of 720p resolution without running out of steam.

Power comes from a 8-cell Lithium ion polymer battery which is good enough to last for 6.5 hours under normal usage and for 2 hours under non-stop gaming mode. Connectivity is impressive, you get 3 USBs, HDMI, mini FireWire, VGA-out , DisplayPort  and  a SIM slot too. Thats more or less everything you will ever need, as of today.  The screen size is 11.6 inches and supports a maximum resolution of  1366×768. The laptop is slightly heavier than similar-sized laptops, approximately 4 pounds. But Dell has assured us that price-wise it won’t be too heavy, it will be available for less than $1000. Expect it to be out by next month.

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