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LG Super Oled 77 inch & 65 inch Smart TVs

LG Launches 77-inch & 65-inch Curved 4K Ultra HD OLED Smart TVs

4K displays and TVs are soon becoming two buzzwords both among consumers as well as tech manufacturers. Just like how everyone had gone crazy for LCD TVs when they were launched, its the time for 4K TVs now. Anyways, LG has announced two high end smart televisions in the UK market – these are 77 […]

HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad Prices Slashed To $99 (16GB) And $149 (32GB)

After HP announced that it will be shutting down all it’s WebOS operations and it’s PC manufacturing business, the company has now announced a price cut in it’s tablets – the TouchPad, just before getting them down from the shelves in stores in various countries across the world. UPDATE: HP Might launch an all new […]

webOS Coming To Every HP PCs In 2012

At the HP Think Beyond event last month, HP announced that they will bring webOS to their range of computers as well. webOS is an operating system for mobile devices initially developed by Palm. After HP acquired Palm, they have worked on webOS and released two phones and a tablet which runs webOS. Speaking at […]

HP Takes On The iPad With The TouchPad

Yesterday HP launched its long awaited webOS tablet, dubbed the TouchPad. The tablet, launched along with Pre 3 and Veer, looks almost exactly like Apple’s iPad. However this tablet is not an iPad wannabe. Under its 9.7-inch screen, it packs some serious punch. The TouchPad is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual core Snapdragon processor […]

HP Veer Is The Smallest webOS Phone

We were kind of expecting HP to announce the Pre 3 and the tablet, now called TouchPad, at the “Think Beyond” event yesterday. What we did not expect to see was the Veer. The first thing you will notice about the Veer is the size – it is tiny. The screen size is only 2.6-inches […]

HP Pre 3 Coming This Summer

At yesterday’s “Think Beyond” event, HP released what everyone has been expecting – the successor to the Palm Pre 2 called the HP Pre 3. The Pre 3 is powered by a 1.4GHz Snapdragon processor and runs webOS 2.2.┬áThe Pre 3 will complement the tiny HP Veer as the high end phone in HP’s webOS […]