The most awaited BlackBerry presenter is here

Blackberry PresenterRIM made the most coveted announcement (:P) of the BlackBerry Presenter, that allows users to connect their BlackBerry devices to a projector and run a PowerPoint presentation from their hands. This should put yet another star in their already attained 5 start status!

Some features of this Blackberry Presenter are given as under:

  • Can be connected to projectors via standard cables & the BlackBerry device via bluetooth.
  • Compatible with PowerPoint 2003 and 2007
  • Supports smartphones from other manufacturers
  • It displays presentation files without the need for prior encoding, along with its improved output resolution.
  • Proposed cost around £125 and the package includes the software disk but no connection cables

One major drawback is that this device does not support the Curve 8300 series or the Pearl Flip. Sorry owners 🙁

via Top10

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