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Apple Upgrades Macbook: Battery Life Jumps To 10 Hours

Enough of the Iphones and the Ipads, now Macbook has some news to make. The leaked Macbook refresh is now official. The so neglected 13” Macbook has seen its first upgrade since 2009 this morning. There is not much of a difference when you look from the outside. Its the inside.

iPhone 4/HD: 960×640 IPS Display, 512 MB RAM, 1GHz Processor

The next version of iPhone may contain a higher resolution display than the one found in the current one. Digitimes is reporting a number of speculations regarding the next iPhone , which will launch sometime in the next month.

An iPad for $189,000

This one is for all those who want to inflate their ego. An iPad made of gold is now available. UK based designer Stuart Hughes is the man behind this idea.

Built in Facebook within iPhone OS4

This is some good news that all the Facebook lovers will cherish. Apple is building Facebook features in its latest version of iPhone OS – the OS 4