Nokia Lumia 1520 Camera

4 New Awesome Features Added To Nokia Camera App – Microsoft

Nokia’s Lumia phones have already attained the status of being one of the best camera smartphones out there, especially after Nokia launched the 41 megapixels camera phone. Whatever, be the case no one can deny the fact that Nokia Lumia phones do take some of the best pictures out of the all available camera phones.

Microsoft has now released an all new version of the Nokia Camera App for Lumia Windows Phones that has many improvements and enhancements that make the Lumia cameras even better than before.

Nokia Lumia 1520 Awesome Camera
Nokia Lumia 1520 Awesome Camera

Here is a list of the 4 features in particular which we feel can take the Nokia Lumia Camera phones to another new level altogether:

  • Living Images – This feature turns your pictures into one-second short videos by adding a small amount of movement to the pictures that you take using the app.
  • Continuous Autofocus –  You will now be able to focus the camera of the phone much more quickly and accurately as compared to earlier
  • Camera Roll – Now this feature has added support for full resolution zoom in addition to inline video playback, re-focus images, smart sequences and cinemagraph
  • You will now be able to capture surround sound in videos that you shoot!

However, in order to get the update / install the camera app you will need the latest Lumia devices – Lumia 1520 or Lumia 930 or the latest version of Windows Phone (which quite obviously will need the latest Lumia phones)

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