Nokia 101

Nokia 100 / 101 – Inexpensive Color Phones With MP3 Player

Nokia has launched two new really inexpensive phones colour-screen phones – Nokia 101 & Nokia 100. These phones are primarily targeted towards the consumers from the developing countries where people have low incomes and cannot afford high end smart phones.

Nokia 101
Nokia 101

Nokia 100

This phone is based on the Symbian Series 30 operating system and have support for five separate address books and store personalisation details for up to five different SIM cards. This has been done in order to help the users share one single mobile phone with all members in the family.

The phone also has an imtegrated flashlight (torch-light) and an FM Radio receiver which adds an entertainment angle to it. The battery life is also very impressive with a stand-by time of up to 25 days and a continuous talk time of 6.7 hours. The interface on the phone has an unique grid-based system of icons for facilitating easy reading.

Price – 20 Euros (Approx. Rs. 1400/- in Indian Currency)

Nokia 101

Nokia 101 has all the features that are included in the Nokia 100 handset (about which we told you above). What differentiates the Nokia 101 from the Nokia 100 is that the Nokia 101 has support for dual-SIM cards and has an MP3 player. The phone also has a memory card slots with cards of upto 16GB supported.

Apart from these, the 101 has many preloaded games and a 3.5mm AV connector so that users can use the phone as a music system just by connecting it to external speakers.

Price – 25 Euros (Approx. Rs. 1700/- in Indian Currency)

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