iOS 6 to have a 3D interface!

iOS 6 To Have A 3D User Interface?

Who do you think are best care-taken customers in the world? I have no doubt in saying that they are Apple product users! Apple releases amazing applications to keep its users always interested in not only in the company, but also to the updated technology. From some sources, it is revealed that in some time, Apple iOS powered devices could be getting a new 3D graphical user interface.

iOS 6 to have a 3D interface!
iOS 6 to have a 3D interface!

Patents have already been filed in this route, the new interface once developed, will be capable of giving advanced 3D environments and detecting even hand gestures. No more screen worries to your beautiful iPhone!

However, this was an idea of 2009 and 2010 saw some developments on the path to reach the final stage. This will feature a ‘sensor based display environment’ which works by taking readings from sensors and translating them into movement on screen something similar to imaginary viewfinder.

This might very well be the main feature of iOS 6 which looks like a bit long considering the present scenario; and looking from a different angle, this might never come to market at all given that lot of Apple patents failed to enter the market.

Keeping fingers crossed, would love to see that interface on iPhone which will be like a yummy strawberry on an ice-cake!

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