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blr lockscreen wallpapers, Pocket Studio, Shadow Vamp – iPhone, iPad App Deals – 15 July 2014

blr lockscreen wallpapers ( US $1.99 to US $0.99 ) This app is a really innovative one. The App store is filled with apps that give various effects and touches to your pictures. What this app does is it takes your existing pictures (taken using the camera) and lets you apply various filters and shapes to it to turn them into awesome wallpapers for your iPhone and iPad. The dimensions are cut across proportionately which means you get the best custom wallpapers for your phone and tablet!  Normally Sells for US $1.99, now US $0.99 – for iPhone, iPad, iPod

blr lockscreen wallpapers

Pocket Studio (Studio 2) ( US $9.99 to Free ) is one of the best music creation apps out there for iPad. You can use the mic to record songs, or import audio from other sources and mix the music in order to produce your own tracks. A must have app if you are a music producer. Normally Sells for US $9.99, now FREE this is a steal and you must download this app – for iPad

pocket studio app

Shadow Vamp Game ( US $0.99 to FREE ) is a wonderful strategy game with stunning graphics and really beautiful game scenes. The main character of the game has to finish the missions on the given island by making sure that he never gets exposed to sunlight. Interesting one. Normally Sells for US $0.99, now US $0.99 – for iPhone, iPad, iPod

shadow vamp game

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