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Huawei Reports 3.5 million pre-orders For Octa-Core Honor 6 Mobile Phone

Just like Xiaomi’s pre-order success tales, we have another similar story but this time from another Chinese mobile manufacturing giant – Huawei. Sometime around the end of June, Huawei had announced the Huawei Honor 6 Smartphone and also put it up for pre-ordering online.

After 2 weeks, more than 3.5 million units of the Honor 6 smartphone have been pre-ordered and this is definitely an achievement for the company. Around the same time in June, there were words about the launch of another smartphone, the Huawei G621

Huawei Honor 6 smartphone pics
Huawei Honor 6 smartphone pics

Specs and features of Huawei Honor 6

  • Powered by a eight-core Huawei processor on a Haisi Kirin920 chipset (the revolutionary LITTLE chip framework) The speciality of this processor is that of its 8 cores, four are the A15 server level cores and the other four are the A7 energy efficient cores
  • Network Support – 4g LTE Cat 6 Radio that supports speeds of upto 300Mbps
  • Has 3GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 13MP primary camera
  • 4.5 – inch screen with a 1080p display resolution
  • MicroSD Slot

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