HTC No More Amongst Top 5 Phone Makers Worldwide

With the mobile world evolving in a very fast pace, figures show that HTC is no more among the Top 5 mobile phone makers worldwide. You might have expected Nokia for such a fate but surprisingly Nokia is the 2nd largest mobile manufacturing company in terms of device volumes shipped during the second quarter of this year.

Here is the list of Top 5 Mobile Phone makers worldwide in the order of volumes of devices shipped from highest to lowest:

1. Samsung
2. Nokia
3. Apple
4. Sony Ericsson / Sony
5. Research In Motion (Blackberry)

HTC has not been doing good lately. The company has had some bad investments lately. One of them is the Beats Audio – in which HTC  had put $300 Million last year and later sold off half the stake. You might know about this association from HTC’s Beats powered mobile phones. OnLive was also another of HTC’s failed investments, where it lost close to US $40 Million.

HTC is currently making money only off its Android powered mobile phones although it is soon expected to launch some new Windows Phone 8 based mobile phones. The company has already posted a 57% decline in net profit during Q2, 2012. HTC also plans to invest $35.4 million in Magnet Systems which would facilitate the bringing of social, mobile, and cloud capabilities to HTC’s enterprise mobile customers.


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