HTC Sensation Death Grip

“Death Grip” In HTC Sensation Kills Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Signal

Last time all mobile phone companies were under public scanner regarding Death Grip was when Apple’s iPhone 4 was getting badly affected by it. “Death Grip” is a short term for holding a phone in a particular way that eventually affects all signal transmission in a mobile device. The death grip incident during iPhone 4 was so widespread that even Nokia & RIM ended up slamming Apple.

HTC Sensation Death Grip
HTC Sensation

Well this time it’s HTC and the mobile phone which is getting badly affected by the death grip is the HTC Sensation. Although, the position in which you hold the HTC Sensation that kills all signal transmission cannot be defined as a grip but the issue is so severe that it interferes not only with the cellular transmission but also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Here are two videos which show the problem in HTC Sensation:

As of now there are only two ways in which you can fix the issue:

1. Don’t hold the phone in that particular position (as shown in the video) so that you can minimise the effect.

2. Get a hard cover for your HTC Sensation. Here is a good one which you can buy for just about $5.

Our reader James has suggested another alternative fix. Here is how you go about it:

Go into your WiFi settings and hit the menu key. There is a box that you need to check. It’s called “Best Wifi Performance.” It does however seem to use up more of the battery in some cases but in other cases people see no change in their battery life.

Thanks Kevin

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