Acer Releases Timeline M3 Ultrabook And V3 Notebook

CeBIT expo in Germany witnessed two gadgets from Acer, one being an Ultrabook and the other being a notebook.  The Timeline Ultra M3, it is called with 15 inch screen and a 0.79 inch edge thickness. It has GeForce GT 640M for video and you can exploit that for playing exciting games. Also included is an optical drive with the device.

Boot to internet time is quite impressive with only 2.5 seconds time in getting the access. Conventional spinning drive will be used for the storage part and you can also choose a pure SSD option if you wish to. It guarantees 8 hour battery life and is expected to hit the market before the end of this month.

Timeline M3 Ultrabook Specs, Pictures, India Price
Timeline M3 Ultrabook

Coming to the V3 series of notebooks, there are three size variants of 14, 15.6 and 17.3 inch systems. Specific and exact details are not yet out and these devices might carry NVidia’s graphics and the latest generation of Intel’s chips. 17.3 inch model will have a resolution of 1600*900 pixels, Blu-ray drive and a Dolby home theatre audio.

We do not know as of now about the pricing and availability of V3 gadgets and we will keep you posted about any developments. But looking at the specs of the devices, we expect the prices to be around Rs. 35,000 in Indian Currency.

Timeline V3 Notebook Specs, Pictures, India Price
Timeline V3 Notebook


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