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2 Unique Features On WP7 NoDo Update – Only For AT&T Customers

We have already talked about the Windows Phone 7 NoDo update that brings Copy-Paste to Windows Phone 7 devices. This was really needed as without copy – paste, a smart phone becomes downright dumb!AT&T Logo

Now, it looks like Microsoft loves the users of Windows Phone 7 devices on AT&T network more than anyone else. The NoDo update which goes on the WP7 devices of AT&T network users has 2 features in addition to all the features in NoDo update for Windows Phone 7.

Although these features are not something that you may miss a lot but are useful only for AT&T as it has the following:

  • Automatic switching between the onboard data-line and AT&T WiFi hotspots
  • Ability to sync with AT&T’s own online Address Book


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