Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak Coming Soon

Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak
Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak

Discovery of a third-party application available in the Windows Phone Marketplace has led to the possibility of a Windows Phone 7 jailbreak. This application uses “native” code and not the Silverlight-managed code that all other non-Microsoft apps should run.

An australian developer Chris Walsh managed to find a way in which “native” unmanaged code can be run on a Windows Phone 7 mobile phone. Chris managed to come up with a valid application and to sideload it on a device meant for the developers that inherited the ability to run unmanaged code.

As root access to the Windows Phone 7 OS is possible we should expect for more on jailbreaking Windows Phone 7 to emerge soon. Jailbroken applications will enable developers to step beyond the Silverlight framework and SDK, and take advantage of more capabilities of the handset, otherwise unavailable for third-party software solutions.

via Softpedia

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