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LG X3 India Price, Pictures, Specs

LG X3 Branding Revealed

Woo! LG is on fire releasing one model after the other. After a series of Optimus mobiles, LG is all set for the release of quad-core X3 handset but it is expected to market as Optimus 4X HD; the news we obtained from a source. The predecessor was called Optimus 2X and there is no … Continue reading LG X3 Branding Revealed

LG Vu model - Specs, India Price, Pictures

LG Optimus Vu is official now!

Few weeks ago, we have reported you about rumoured LG device ‘Optimus Vu’ which was ready to strike the market. Well, it is now official guys; LG has confirmed ‘Optimus Vu’ yesterday at a private conference. It is surprising why LG did not choose MWC 2012 as the venue which is only 5 days away. … Continue reading LG Optimus Vu is official now!

LG CX2 - Optimus 3D 2 Specs, Pictures, India Price

LG CX2 “Optimus 3D 2” Is Here – Take A Look (Specs & Images For Now)

We still have the model of LG Optimus in our eyes! The smartphone released by LG trying to compete with increasing response to one of the best segment of electronics, the smartphone market. 3D version of the mobile was released too; here is some improvement from the company that the next model, LG Optimus 3D … Continue reading LG CX2 “Optimus 3D 2” Is Here – Take A Look (Specs & Images For Now)