LG X3 India Price, Pictures, Specs

LG X3 Branding Revealed

Woo! LG is on fire releasing one model after the other. After a series of Optimus mobiles, LG is all set for the release of quad-core X3 handset but it is expected to market as Optimus 4X HD; the news we obtained from a source.

The predecessor was called Optimus 2X and there is no exaggeration in the step from LG to market this device as 4X. The specs are so attracting and just take a look! The 4X HD gadgets will be featuring the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android and is said to feature a 4.7 inch 720p high quality display along with 8 Megapixels camera. The device is expected to come out in a sub-nine-millimetre casing indicating about the slim feature a bit.

With MWC 2012 in the line-up of events, we expect this model to be out but there is no official confirmation from the maker. LG has already announced five models for the expo and we never know if there are any surprises too.

I feel that with such releases, Samsung will be feeling the heat and rumours suggest that this year will be LG’s show at Barcelona unless Samsung will come out with a miracle on February 26th!

LG X3 India Price, Pictures, Specs
LG X3 India Price, Pictures, Specs


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