Nokia Says No To Android – Decides Their Future Lies With MeeGo And Symbian


Android may have now become one of the two dominant mobile platforms (iOS being the other), but Nokia has no plan to join the Android bandwagon anytime in the future. This is the first major decision that Nokia’s new CEO Stephen Elop has taken.

Nokia is supporting MeeGo to power their high-end phones while Symbian will continue to be used on the midrange phones. In a market where Android and iOS have completely shutoff Nokia phones, a lot depends on the untested Meego operating system now. Symbian is simply a no-go for smartphones.


This raises the question why Nokia does not want to use Android like the other manufacturers like Motorola, HTC etc. Using Android will leave Nokia as just a hardware manufacturer and it seems Nokia is ready to accept that. Another reason according to Alberto Torres, Nokia’s executive vice president for MeeGo, is that using Android will benefit Google at the expense of Nokia’s innovations. A third reason seems to the Ovi in which Nokia has invested billions.

With the shares of Nokia smartphones plummeting rapidly, Nokia have their task cut off for them if they want to stay relevant in the smartphone market.

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