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Nokia N8 “Pink Edition” Launched In India For Rs. 23,867/-

Nokia has a launched a Pink Coloured edition of the Nokia N8 Mobile Phone in India which is primarily targeted towards the female population. We have already seen many other companies in the past to launch pink editions of their mobile phones in order to woo the female consumers.

Nokia N8 "Pink Edition" Slant Landscape Mode
Nokia N8 "Pink Edition" in Slant Landscape Mode

The Nokia N8 “Pink Edition” is available in India for a price of Rs. 23,867/-. Below you can find some more pictures of the phone. For more details about where to get it, please seeĀ  this link. The specs and features of this edition is same as that of all other Nokia N8 mobile phones.

Nokia N8 "Pink Edition" Front View
Front View


Nokia N8 "Pink Edition" Back Landscape View
Back Landscape View


Nokia N8 "Pink Edition" Front Landscape View
Front Landscape View


Nokia N8 "Pink Edition" Side View
Side View


Nokia N8 "Pink Edition" Top View
Top View

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