Limo 4 OS Launched – Devices Expected Soon

Looks like Android is going to have a new competitor in the form of Limo 4 Mobile Operating system, which was unveiled yesterday by the Limo Foundation. If you are not aware of the Limo foundation, it is just another group of Mobile Device vendors and network carriers just like Android (before getting acquired by Google).

UPDATE: Limo Foundation is now Tizen (Supported by Samsung) Limo 4 is made out of open source technologies completely and is expected to soon come to devices from leading mobile phone manufacturers later this year. Here is what one of Limo Foundation’s executives had to say during the launch of the Limo 4 OS (with edits):

LiMo 4 enables flexible disaggregation of the device platform and the service propositions such that operators and device manufacturers can more freely shape attractive user propositions and secure sustainable long-term value by representing a timely milestone in the advancement of a uniquely open and independent device platform that is completely free of inherent brand and business model conflicts.

Limo 4 OS Features

  • Complete middleware and base application functionality, based on the famous Gnome platform for linux
  • Powerful user interface
  • Extended widget libraries
  • 3D window effects and advanced multimedia capabilities
  • Ssocial networking and location based service frameworks
  • Sensor frameworks
  • Multi-tasking and multi-touch capabilities
  • Support for scalable screen resolution which means this OS can be used on a broad range of device types and form factors

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