LG Smart Phone To Be Powered By MeeGo Linux

LG Smartphone - MeeGo Linux

Last week, we told you about Intel & Nokia joining hands to merge Moblin & Maemo to produce MeeGo. And now there is news that LG has announced, it’s smartphone LG GW990 will be based on MeeGo OS. This is one big step from LG and a must-say achievement for the MeeGo OS.

Although there is not much information about, this all new smartphone from LG – the GE990 – Liliputing reports that it is a tablet-sized device with an x86-based Intel Moorestown CPU, a huge display (4.8 inch, 1024 x 480 pixel display) and an 1850mAh battery good for 4 hours of talk time.

Image Via Engadget

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