LG Optimus series of smart phones

LG Sells 1 Million Units Of Its Optimus Smartphone Worldwide

The android version from LG seems to have clicked the market and ended a bad season for LG in mobile segment. LG Optimus LTE has recorded a market of 1 million across the globe; bringing cheer for LG.

The company which has struggled to provide competitive gadgets along with Samsung and Apple which tasted huge success in the last year has finally found its true saviour. Though it is no way a match to 37 million iPhones sold by Apple in last quarter, it is still considerable number of units LG has managed to get into people.

Huge part of sales, in fact about 600,000 units were sold in Korea itself in the first three months of its release making it one of the most successful mobiles of all time. Handset was then released US, Canada and Japan.

The LG Optimus LTE is the first of its kind models to have a HD display with 4.5 inch high resolution display supporting 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. 8 Megapixels camera is still the best in the market and it is just that LG did not have that luck factor to make it more successful.

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However, current report indicates that though Samsung and Apple had a major chunk of share, other companies had something to smile too!

LG Optimus series of smart phones
LG Optimus series of smart phones


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