Intervals, Bloom Box, Sonalarm – iPhone, iPad App Deals – 8 July 2014

Intervals – smart and personal workout app ( US $0.99 to Free ) is an upcoming application for setting, managing and tracking your workout routines along with pre-decided intervals. The app has a refreshing look which makes it really great to use. This is a great app for the ones who have a tough time managing their workouts after they hit the gym. Normally Sells for US $0.99, now FREE – for iPhone, iPad, iPod


Bloom Box Game ( US $0.99 to Free ) is a puzzle game app based on chain-reaction events. You have to hit boxes strategically to cause maximum damage and score more points. Normally Sells for US $0.99, now FREE – for iPhone, iPad, iPod


Sleep Cycle Sonalarm Clock ( US $1.99 to US $0.99 ) This app claims to be the best sleep-cycle management app out there. It makes use of your iPhone’s hardware to detect whenever you turn or change postures when you are asleep. I used this app but was not satisfied as the air-conditioning unit in my room is not that silent which might be causing the app to not function properly. Normally Sells for US $1.99, now US $0.99 – for iPhone, iPad, iPod


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