Intel Plans Low Power Consuming Processors

Intel future plans are to develop low power consuming chips that draw some 10 to 15 watts of power as compared to 35  watts power  chips that are present in almost all the present Intel based notebooks.

Since the shift of Apple to Intel based processors last year, both of them have been working very closely for a variety of projects and Apple has been a pioneer in launching all the new revolutionary technology like Thunderbolt technology for High Speed data-transfer,and ultrathin laptops such as MacBook  Air that are light and powerful while giving a  battery backup of 7.5 hours.

Intel is very much concerned about the threat from growing smartphone and tablet market.Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini was quoted as saying,

Higher performance mainstream-priced, touch-enabled device that would not compromise on features such as thinness, instant-on capabilities, permanent internet connectivity and all-day battery life

This implies the low-power consuming processors that are found in MacBook Air will be the general norm instead of being the  specialty feature.Apple notebooks are definitely going to get benefited from these advancements and  it would also have a huge impact on future generation notebooks.

[via: MacRumors]

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