Dual Sim Phones – Choice Of The Day [Micromax X600, Samsung B5722]

With festive season on , every one likes to buy something new. If you are planning to buy a good cell phone then we have  two very attractive and fully loaded phones that would fire your imagination. And you know what’s the best part? Both of them are dual sim phones. Here is the our review on  these phones and we are sure you would definitely like these  phones.

Samsung B5722
Samsung B5722

The first one is SAMSUNG B5722.

In this phone you will be able to access 2 different SIM cards with just one convenient and compact touch screen handset.  you can  take advantage of different calling plans or if you  want to keep their business and personal calls separate.The touch experience elevates is supreme ,and  brings everything the mobile has to offer right to your fingertips. The 3-page extended menu ensures  that you can have easy and instant access to all your apps.

It has a 3 M.P camera and 8 GB memory. Commands are obeyed with a tap of the finger, even when  you switch SIM card . the use of dual SIM cards has never been easier or more intuitive.One nice feature is that GTalk, AIM, ICQ, and Palringo Chat are all available through the Palringo platform.

Multiple instant messaging services work on one universal platform, so you  can keep in touch with all of their friends at the same time.it gives you a talktime of  13.4 hrs.So Many features in one phone and it also dont cost you a tonne. It is avaliable at a tag of Rs.10,200.

Micromax X600
Micromax X600

The second one comes from a new indian company that has many first to its name.you have read our many reviews about this company lately.

Yes, your guess it right.Its MICROMAX and the phone is MICROMAX X600.

This amazing phone  has a 3.2″ full touch lens and has the very new and innovative gravity sensor based sim access.With a 2 M.P camera and 4 G.B memory you can always capture the beautiful moments.With  1000 contact and SMS memory you will have ample space to save  your contacts and msgs from your loved ones.

It also comes preloaded with NIMBUZZ, the multi IM messenger so being touch with your friends is just a touch away. If you are an social networking buff then it also has facebook preloaded in it.And it comes at a price of just Rs.4400 so it wont burn at hole in your pocket either.

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