Samsung Epic 4G

How To Get Better 4G Network Signal In Samsung Epic 4G?

If you are not happy with the 4G WiMax signal strength that you get on your Samsung Epic 4G mobile handset then here is a quick tip for you. And just in case you are already okay with the network strength you have been receiving on your device, then this tweak may help you give a boost to your Samsung Epic 4G’s signal strength.

XDA Forums user gokuman56 has a guide that can improve both the quality of the signal that you obtain from the towers and also, the time it takes to re-connect if the connection was to get lost on your Samsung Epic 4G device just by changing a few parameters in the WiMax programming section of the phone.

Step 1: You will require your MSL code, which can be obtained from your service provider.

Samsung Epic 4G
Samsung Epic 4G

Step 2: Now dial ##3282# on your phone.

Step 3: On the menu that opens, click WiMAX and enter the MSL code. Also make sure that the 4G radio is turned ON.

Step 4: Next, go to extensions and Hold EntryRX and Write Extension

Step 5: Now comes an important step – Change the Value to -110 or the lowest value  corresponding to the weakest signal required  for the phone to connect.

Step 6: Finally, change EntryCINR to 0004

You are done. But after this if you find that the Radio is taking a long time to reconnect once you loose your 4G signal, then do the following:

  • Change the value of Scan Retries to 00015
  • Change the value of  Scan attempt timeout to 0002

via XDA-Forums

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