Windows Phone Job Opening Suggests Improved Backup

At the time of release, Windows phone had some shortcomings. Another feature missing in the Windows Phone 7.5 mango update was a more convenient way of backing up the phone.

There is now a need of software called Zune which helps in creating backups automatically. Microsoft is now getting ready to change that. News from the Microsoft website reveals that the company is in need of a software engineer to join the Windows phone backup, Migrate and restore team.

Job posting says that the company is in need of engineers who can create some features which will ensure users to quickly get their phone back to a good state to recover from any circumstances.

Regarding the method company is going to follow, there is no clear statement as of how Microsoft tackles this. Will it follow Apple’s footsteps by storing the user’s data in the cloud and again can be easily accessed on the new phone? Or will Microsoft follow a new way for this? Only time should decide that.

However, it is good news for all Windows phone users as the company is thinking in such way so that the users can now backup their phone in the best way possible. Hope it comes out soon to sooth Windows phone users!


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