Samsung Galaxy S3 - QUad Core Version

Samung Galaxy S3 LTE With Quad-Core Exynos Processor Launched

Samsung has launched an even more powerful and meaty version of  Galaxy S3 – the one with a Quad-Core version of the Exynos processor. As of now the Galaxy S3 model launched by Samsung was only the Dual-Core version of the phone. But, wait there is no need to be excited as the Quad-Core version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 device will be available only in Korea as of now.

Samsung Galaxy S3 - QUad Core Version
Samsung Galaxy S3 – QUad Core Version

Coming to the specs of the phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is LTE with high speed data, has a juicy 2,100 mAH battery and a 2GB RAM. Apart from these the device also has a DMB TV tuning. If you are waiting to get your hands on the phone, then you either need to get someone from Korea courier it to you or wait till Samsung makes it globally available.


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