Google Nexus One – 6 Exclusive Videos

As promised earlier, we bring you some exclusive videos and reviews of the all new Google Nexus One – The Google phone. NexusOne Boot Animation HD

Google Nexus One launched! gets new address

Now that the Google Nexus One is finally out, Google can fancy Apple in the mobile phone business too! The device does not look as great as the iPhone in pictures but it has received a wide acclamation in the market! iLike :-). It sells for for $529 (or $179 with a two year T-Mobile contract) and a few lucky ones might get it free!

Western Digital unveils its WD TV Live HD Media Player in India

WD (Western Digital) launched it’s WD TV Live HD Media Player in the Indian Market today featuring network capability and Full-HD 1080p resolution. For all those who have seen and experienced the WD TV HD Media Player, the WD TV ‘Live’ adds a better interface,  an Ethernet port, streaming of contents from popular sites such … Continue reading Western Digital unveils its WD TV Live HD Media Player in India

Dell's Mini 3i Android smartphone is not China-exclusive anymore, heading to US

The news about Dell’s Mini 3i Smartphone being a China-only device might not be true after all. According to Cruchgear, Dell might be bringing their Android-based phone to the U.S., which would be great news for the Android community considering the recent announcements by Motorola and HTC about the launch of their Android powered smartphones.

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