hack.node game WIndows Phone 7

Node.Hack – A Free Windows Phone Game

Own a Windows Phone 7 mobile device and looking for free and awesome games to play? Well, Node.Hack looks like a very nice game for the WP7 platform which you must install on your WP7 phone and give a try. It will be available next week – Nov. 15 onwards and will be available as a free download. The game has been designed and built by Charles Cox who is a Program Manager in the Advanced Technology Group at Microsoft and has prior Game Development experience.

You can see this game-play video of Node.Hack in order to find out more about the game. (Video)

The game is currently supported on both version 7.0 and 7.5 of the Windows Phone platform. Since the game is free, as expected, it has in-game ads powered by the Microsoft AD SDK so no foul play there. Future development plans of Node.Hack include a level pack, new weapons and a Windows Mango specific update.

Node.Hack Website – http://www.nodehackgame.com/

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