HTC One Glamor Red colour top pictures

HTC One Smartphone Now Available In Glamor Red Colour

HTC has launched a Glamor Red coloured version of their top-end smartphone device, the HTC One. This colour will currentky be available only to Sprint network users and the company might think to bring it to other networks too.

HTC One Glamor Red has specs similar to the regular HTC One smartpone – 2GB RAM, 1.7 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 600 processor by Qualcomm, full metallic body and runs on Android Jelly Bean OS.

Although the red coloured version has not gone for sale as of writing this piece, you might want a to keep a tab on the Amazon Page for HTC One so that you are notified when the Glamor Red edition of the HTC One phone is available for you to buy.

HTC One Glamor Red colour pictures
HTC One Glamor Red colour pictures

Since the HTC One Glamor red will not be available in countries like India anytime soon, what you can do instead is buy the regular black or white HTC One phone and get a dark Red Amzer Snap on HTC Case. This is only a suggestion for those users who really like the red colour to go with in their mobile devices.

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