HTC Unveils 3 New 4G Devices At CES: Evo Shift, Inspire & Thunderbolt

HTC, the smartphone leader specially known for it’s awesome touch screen phones unveiled three new mobile phones at the CES. And guess what, all the three devices support 4G – the fourth generation in telecommunications. The devices are called Evo, Thunderbolt & Inspire and HTC plans to launch each of them with a different carrier.

HTC Inspire Thunderbolt
HTC Inspire & HTC Thunderbolt

All the devices run on Android 2.2 Froyo and have huge touch screens. Here is a brief specs listing for all the three devices:

Evo Shift: HTC plans to sell this device with carrier – Sprint. This phone has a 3.6 inch touch screen display. It has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a 5MP rear-facing camera but sadly it does not have a front-facing camera. However the device costs as low as  $149 and should be a good choice for first timers.

HTC Evo Sprint
HTC Evo Sprint

ThunderBolt: This phone will be sold with Verizon network and features all-in-all integration with Skype using which you can seamlessly do video calls. This comes as a part of Verizon’s all new 4G data and phone connectivity plans. The phone has an 8MP camera and has a huge 4.3-inch display!

Inspire: HTC Inspire is the first HTC device to have an all new feature that will help users in locating lost mobile phones and wipe a phone’s data online from a customised HTC portal. Inspire will the brought out to the market in association with AT&T. This device too, like the Thunderbolt, has a 4.3 inch large display. Another good thing about the phone is that it is powered by a 1 Ghz processor.

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