CREATEC 2010 Japan: Conference Round-up

CEATEC is a conference event where prominent IT journalists from the U.S. will select and award innovative technologies and products in Japan. CREATEC 2010 ended with huge pomp and show. Here are some of the most happening stories from CREATEC 2010 edition!

Sharp's Galapagos e-reader
Sharp's Galapagos e-reader

Sharp’s Android powered Galapagos e-reader

As e-readers have been already ruling the world – Sharp’s Android powered Galapagos e-reader/tablet hybrids remained one of the biggest attraction at CREATEC 2010. This reader will be available in a 5.5 inch and a 10.8 inch version. Although Japanese buyers will be able to lay hands on to both models in December but there was no hint from Sharp about international availability. (Image + Lead via CG)

Fujitsu Dual Touchscreen Phone Prototypes at Createc 2010
Fujitsu Dual Touchscreen Phone Prototypes at Createc 2010 - Image via Akihabarnews

Fujitsu showcased some Concept phones which were very unique. These phones had dual touchscreen and as usual Fujitsu has build in impressive hardware, but the UI and OS did not seem to be very impressive. Apart from this Fujitsu also showcased Windows 7 based tablet prototypes!

World’s first 62-channel 3D Sound System, WOW!!!

World’s first 62-channel 3D Sound System
World’s first 62-channel 3D Sound System - Image via Akihabaranews

NICT or the National Institute of Information and Communication Technology unveiled a new system that is able to create a 3D representation of sound by emitting acoustic signal from 62 independently driven channels in different directions. Now this is really interesting. You can get the feel of a Live concert right at your home now!

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