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Dell Streak Spotted In India: Very Expensive At Rs. 35,000

We have just spotted the Dell Streak, Dell’s new pocket tablet at an Indian online store – Although the device is priced at US$ 549.99 in the US (which amounts to Rs. 25,000 approx.) but the price listed on for the device is Rs. 34,499. This is definitely very high compared to the US pricing.

Steve Jobs Rants Against 7-inch Tablets

What is the ideal size of a tablet? Well, that is what everyone in the resurgent tablet market is is trying to figure that out. There are the 10-inchers, most notably the Apple iPad, and there are the 7-inchers, which is lead by the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Panasonic Toughbook C1 Convertible: World’s Toughest Laptop

Ever wondered about having a laptop that is tough as well as powerful.Here before you is panasonic Toughbook 19.its a MIL-STD-810G, 6-foot drop and IP65 certified toughbook.By convertible we mean that it can function as a full fledged tablet.Impressed, well this toughbook has more in store for you.

Archos 10.1’’ Connected Android™ tablet

Most of you have wondered about netbooks because of their portablilty and relevance.Here we have got a device which is a generation ahead. Archos Android™ tablet tablet is one such device based on android operating system from google which gives super cool interface and a smart computing.This device is sure to turn the scenerio of personal computing in coming time.