Amazon Files For Patent Of Airbag For Mobile Devices

We are all familiar with airbags in cars and other vehicles. The main idea of the airbag is to protect the driver and passenger of the vehicle from serious injury by breaking the impact.

Amazon has filed for the patent of a similar system to protect mobile devices and other portable devices from impact damages. With costly smartphones becoming ubiquitous nowadays, damage from dropping them are a very real problem. According to the crazy patent filed called “a system and method for protecting devices from impact damage”  filed by none other than Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and VP Greg Hart, using airbags, springs and gas propulsion to break the impact could minimize the damage.

Here is how the thing is supposed to work. Sensors in the phone continually monitors the state of the phone. If it detects that the phone is in free fall, the airbag, spring or gas propulsion are deployed to give the device a soft landing. The patent even goes as far as proposing the use of the gas propulsion to make sure that the phone lands in the best orientation possible.

The idea of the patent sounds ridiculous no doubt. I mean gas propulsion system in a phone? Really? Well this is just a patent and it does not mean that we will see this in any production phone.

[source: USPTO via: GeekWire]

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