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Macbook Air Runs Windows 7 Better Than Any Other Netbook

In our previous posts we had shown you the incredible hardware and amazing OS X that you get with every Apple Macbook Air. Here we have got something different for you. We will here analyze how well can an Apple Macbook Air run your all favorite and omnipresent Windows 7.

The Official Pictures Of Jolibook Are Here

A couple of days back, the Jolibook was confirmed and slated for release this month. Yesterday the official flickr of Jolicloud was updated with two new pictures of the Jolibook. Without further ado here they are:

The Jolibook Is Real – Its Coming This Month

Recently we reported that the Jolicloud team may be working on a Jolibook. Well, now it has been been confirmed that they are indeed working on a Jolibook. The Jolicloud team sent us an email last night announcing the Jolibook will be available this month.

Confused About Which Mini Laptop To Buy? Here Is Our Triple Review [Dell, HP, MSI]

Mini laptops are cool, trendy, light weight, portable and above all every one is running to get one. But you can get equally confused about which one to buy and which one to ignore. Well we have a solution. We have reviewed three popular brands’ mini laptops and after going through this review we are sure your confusion will go and you can decide what’s good for you.