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Chipset Flaw Halts “Intel Sandy Bridge” Shipments

Intel had launched it’s new processor architecture Sandy Bridge last month at CES ’11. The Sandy Bridge architecture processor has an improved on-board graphics module and the chip can attain speeds of upto 3.8GHz all thanks to a new technology called Turbo Boost.

Data Centers

Microsoft Asks Intel To Build 16-Core ATOM Chips For Servers

Datacenters are one of the biggest consumers of power sources nowadays. The huge power consumption is attributed to the largeĀ  number of servers in these datacenters running on highly capable processors, which consume a lot of power to run. However, replacing them with processors having low power consumption can bring down the overall power consumption … Continue reading Microsoft Asks Intel To Build 16-Core ATOM Chips For Servers

China Builds World’s Fastest Super Computer

Today China has unveiled the world’s fastest super computer – the Tianhe-1A. The Tianhe-1A which reportedly cost $88 Millions to build can do 2.507 pentaflops (or 2.507 quadrillion calculations per second). It is now faster that the Cray XT5 Jaguar which can do 2.3 pentaflops.

Dell Studio LED Monitors: Guaranteed Eye Catching Performance

Dell join the ranks of amazing monitors by introducing new series of STUDIO range of LED monitors. These new Full HD Widescreen Monitor delivers true cinematic-picture quality to your entertainment with a 16:9 aspect ratio. With this you can give your DVDs and Blu-ray movies the big-screen attention they deserve with clear 1920 x 1080 resolution.

WD Introduces USB 3.0 Drives, Hits 3TB

After Seagate and Hitachi , Western Digital has also joined the elite league of 3TB drives. Although Seagate was the first to launch, but it had some issues. The drive gets extremely heated with continuous usage. Now we have an alternative in the form of WD.

Razer Mamba – Best Mouse A Gamer Can Lay Hands On!

Anyone who has seriously played computer games like counters strike 1.6 , Crysis or any first person shooter game must be very much aware of the role a good gaming mouse. The Razer Mamba features gaming grade wireless technology with a hybrid system that enables instant wired/wireless functionality.