Nokia Lumia 530 pictures

Nokia Lumia 530 Launch Might Be Around The Corner!

We have come across fresh information about the possible launch of Nokia Lumia 530 soon from Microsoft. And given the fact that Microsoft has launched the kill-switch on all its Android – Nokia phones, this makes it even more true a news about the soon-to-launch Nokia Lumia 530. If you remember back in April 2013 […]

xiaomi mi4 flagship front view pics

Xiaomi’s Flagship Mi 4 Smartphone “With Metal Body” gets Official

Chinese mobile device manufacturer Xiaomi has officially unveiled its so called flagship device, the Mi 4 amidst much fanfare in China. Xiaomi is by far the largest smartphone device manufacturer and retailer in China and many other countries in south east Asia like Singapore and is gradually expanding into large mobile device markets like India […]

micromax 32 inch led tv pics

Micromax Launches Low-Cost 32-inch LED TV in India

Mobile telecom major Micromax has launched a new 32-inch LED TV in India at a very low price of Rs. 16,000/- (Approx. US $267). The company has been putting efforts in entering into the consumer electronics space from a long time along with its huge mobile phone & tablet business however for some reason it […]

cydiafix store logo

Local Mobile Repair Store Names Itself Cydia!

For the ones who have had a chance to jailbreak their Apple iPhones are well aware of what Cydia is. And for the ones who are not aware, Cydia is a an app store running in parallel with Apple’s iTunes App Store but only for those iPhones which have been jailbroken. (How to jailbreak an […]

hisense sero 7 plus back pics

Hisense Launches Sero 7+ Budget Android Tablet

Looking for a low-cost tablet for yourself or may be for your kid? Well, Hisense has launched a brand new tablet under the name of Sero Seven Plus. It is a decent 7-inch tablet with a really low price of US $99 (available on Amazon) and does the job without burning a hole in your […]