How To Upload, Copy, Move Existing Android Phone Contacts To GMail Contacts?

Earlier today I was helping my dad with his new Android Phone – Samsung Galaxy S Duos where he encountered this issue of not being able to save all the existing contacts in the phone on to GMail. Although, the new contacts were getting added to GMail contacts but the older ones (which were brought […]


Family Plans Shared Data Comparison – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile

Family plans are an easy way of adding new lines to your existing mobile phone subscription without the added costs and hassles of getting a new line altogether for one of your family members. Also, thanks to the mobile data plans from various service providers, you and other members on your family plan get to […]


Noke is a Padlock That Locks & Unlocks Using your Mobile Phone

Before you had even realised, we are already living in a fully digital world where the mobile phone has taken over our lives so much that we use to do almost everything which is a part of our daily lives – from using it as an alarm clock to a personal workout assistant and what […]


Dell Launches Alienware Alpha Gaming Mini-Desktop

Small and Mini seems to be the buzz words these days in the gaming industry owing to the huge number of mobile gaming apps in the market and the increasing number of users taking to the mobile gaming platform. Few days back we told you about the Nvidia Shield Gaming tablet, though Dell cannot take […]


Sony to launch a low-cost phablet with 6.1 inch screen

Sony is planning to launch a new phablet soon however this one is targeted towards the budget segment and will bear a low price tag. Also, you might find it unbelievable that the device will have a 6.1 inch screen. Sony is known for launching high-priced smartphones, so a device like this coming from the […]


Microsoft Launches Low-Cost Nokia 130 Dual Sim Phone With Audio / Video

Microsoft’s recent announcement about layoffs and streamlining Nokia had put into question about Microsoft’s plans with Nokia and upcoming smartphones or feature phones. There was news during the same period of time that Microsoft was planning to kill all the Android devices of Nokia and halt all the Android efforts of the company. Anyways, Microsoft […]

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