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IDC press releases that smartphones outsell PC’s in Q4!

In Q4, 2010 the smartphones whooping 100.9 million units were sold! In this three month period the traditional computer sales were surpassed for the first time in history – They were 92.1 million during the same quarter. Yearly totals jumped as well from 173.5 million smartphones in 2009 to 302.6 million, a 74.4% increase. PC’s have just augmented by 5.5% in the same period!

Gone Are Smart Phones, It’s The “Smart TV” Era Now!

LG has come up with a ‘smart’ revolution! At the CES a smart TV has been launched with a magic remote. And, many other smart appliances with WiFi functions also have been released – 4-door Refrigerator, TFT LCD Washer, single wall oven and even a Robo Cleaner. And for those who dont wanna buy a new smart TV LG also launched smart TV upgrader!