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Nokia MeeGo Tablet Leaked Pictures

We came across these pictures of a device which is rumored to be the Nokia’s MeeGo tablet. But we are not very sure about it as a first look at the pictures made us feel that it is a Nokia N900. However, on closer examination took off a few doubts from our mind.

Nokia N900 Now Runs Android “Gingerbread”

Nokia N900 is one versatile smartphone that runs just any OS you want it to run! Recently Google’s latest Android OS version “Gingerbread” was ported by some hackers to the Nokia N900.

Nokia News: N900 Dual-Boot, Meet N8 Designers & SJ Says Nokia Is Good But…

Some good news for geeky Nokia N900 users – a new PR update will let you dual boot between Maemo and Meego. We also bring you an exclusive video from Nokia Conversations, where you’ll meet four of the designers who worked on the Nokia N8. Well, all the good things Nokia apart, Steve Jobs now feels that Nokia is good but it is not the best.

Nokia N900 Ovi Store goes live

Nokia was gearing up to provide Maemo Apps through its Ovi Store since December. And finally, Ovi Store doors are now open for N900, making it more convenient and easy for the end users to find and download apps quickly. To incorporate the changes, Nokia has also released a minor Over-the-air firmware update (v1.2009.44-1) for N900.